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Understand helps data-driven teams save time, get more insights and make better decisions by automatically generating data stories at scale with AI.

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Why Understand?

Are you data-driven, but your BI feels like a
dashboard factory?

Do you spend too much time getting the right insights on time and in an easy-to-understand way?

Scale upand get more insightsby automating analysis
with AI.
Revenue growth trend analysis
Save timeand increase adoptionby delivering tailored insights.
New stories
Understand dataand make better decisionsby explaining insights through stories.
Market has grown 7% MoM.
We have grown 3% more.

How it works?

Automatically create tailored data stories at scale with AI.

Understand is the end-to-end BI platform that lets you define workflows that automatically analyze data and generate insightful stories.

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SELECT YEARWEEK(date) AS week, SUM(revenue) AS weekly_revenue FROM sales GROUP BY YEARWEEK(date)
Output stored in
df['4w_ma'] = df['sales'].rolling(window=4).mean()
Create story
Slow Growth Analysis
Top 10 stories
Output stored in
Outliers have been formed.
New products
in promotion
We have beat the estimates.

Automatically analyze data & deliver insights.

Set up workflows with AI agents that automatically analyze data and generate insights at scale instead of doing it manually.

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Save time analyzing data with AI agents.
Subscribe to new findings and react faster.
Uncover more insights with deep analysis.

Visualize insights with scrollable data stories.

Replace exhaustive dashboards with insightful stories that guide you through the data as you scroll.

Turn any insight into an easy to follow story.
Focus on one piece of information at a time.
Give more context for better understanding.

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